nightwish_siren (nightwish_siren) wrote in addamses,

Title: Morticia's Despair  ( chapter 1)
Characters: mostly Morticia
POV: Morticia
pairing: -/-
summary: Morticia is worried she's losing Gomez
Disclaimer: i dont own addams family bla bla bla


Morticia made her way to breakfast. She saw Wednesday, Pugsley, Mama,Thing and Fester at the table. But not Gomez. He had left before she woke up. She sat down but couldn't eat her breakfast. She just felt sick to her stomach just thinking about where Gomez would be. She pondered all though breakfast. Wednesday tried to get her attention four times. In the end she picked up a bread roll and threw it at her mother. “Wednesday!?!?” Morticia said shocked. She couldn't believe her own daughter threw something at her. “I'm sorry mother. I have tired to get you attention four times!” She explained in her defence. Morticia looks sad at Wednesday. “I'm sorry I'm a little distracted.” she said. Wednesday looks worried for her mother. As Morticia gets up, leaves the table and walks out the room. “Mother?” Wednesday calls for her looking more and more worried. “Something is going on!” Fester said taking a mouth full of his slimy breakfast. Wednesday nods in agreement.


(Gomez's study)



Morticia walks into his study. He was sitting there on the phone facing away from her. “OK so I'll see you tonight? Thank You.” He says as he hangs up. Morticia looks down and clears her throat. He turns in his chair with a shock look. “Morticia?” He said looking confused. “Where are going tonight Gomez?” She asked folding her arms. Gomez looks at her and thinks. “No where cara mia” He said smiling. He gets up out of his chair and approaches her. She stepped away “Don't cara mia me!” She said looking away “What are you hiding Gomez?” She asked now with tears. “Nothing, I promise” He said putting his hands on her shoulders. “Lies!” She shouted pushing him away and running away.




Fester, I'm going out for a moment. I can't find Morticia please tell her where I'm going” He said attempting to leave. “Yes I will. But Gomez why the secrets? You know your worrying Morticia” Fester asks approaching him. Gomez sighs “dear brother. I trust you more then anyone. I have Cancer my dear brother. I am dying that is why I have been distant from Tish” He said looking sad at him. Fester looks sad at his brother. “Have you told Morticia?” He asked. Gomez shook his head “I don't want her to get upset” Gomez replied. Fester put his hand on his brother's shoulder. “Gomez, your upsetting her by not telling her” He said then walked away.



Morticia sat in the graveyard thinking about Gomez. “What is he hiding. I want to find out. No I need to find out!”She thought to herself. Her vision became a blur with tears. She wiped them away along with her eye-liner. Gomez sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her “Cara mia? Why are you crying?” He asked her pulling her in closer to him. “Because you don't desire me anymore” She said crying more. “Cara mia? That's not true!” He said shocked. She stood up angry “Oh no? Then why won't you touch me?” She shouted! He stared at her with wide eyes. “What do you mean?” He asked confused. “We haven't shown our love in five months!” She yelled trying to fight back the tears. He stood up and looked into her eyes “Cara mia. I can't. I'm dying, I have cancer” He said still looking in her eyes. “I've been going for treatment all this time. Look I'm even starting to lose my hair” he said running his fingers threw his hair and pulling out a tuff. The tears streamed down Morticia's face as she started hyperventilating “No! can't leave me Gomez!” She shouted threw the tears and falling into his arms.

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