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Addams Family Halloween Bash: Contests!

Addams Family Halloween Bash: Contests!

This Halloween, addamses will be holding three Addams Family-themed contests!

1) Addams Family Short Fanfiction Contest
2) Addams Family Costume Contest
3) Addams Family--"All tribute to thee" Contest

Follow the cut below for details on all three contests!

Addams Family Short Fanfiction contest

This contest is for your fanfiction!
Addamses Contest RuleLength: Stories can be anywhere from 1 to 666 words long.
Addamses Contest RuleContents: Stories must relate to the Addams Family in some way, and deal with Halloween and/or something spooky.
Addamses Contest RuleMultiple entries are welcome! Feel free to post more than one story.
Addamses Contest RuleBecause this contest is here to promote holiday fun, the rules are just guidelines! Feel free to post any story you come up with--if it doesn't fit into the "rules" of this contest, just post it as an entry to our "All tribute to thee" contest! Please post anything you come up with!

Addams Family Costume Contest

This contest is just like it sounds--Addams Family Halloween costumes!
Addamses Contest RuleCostumes must be Addams Family related in some way.
Addamses Contest RuleEntries should specify whether costumes are homemade or store-bought in their post (both are allowed, but some voters might take the information into account when judging).
Addamses Contest RuleIt is acceptable for two or more people to post an entry together (e.g. a Gomez and Morticia costume pair)
Addamses Contest RuleCostumes are not limited to the main Addams Family. Feel free to dress as side characters or as items that belong to the Addamses (the Addams Family's moose, Pierre; the Addams Family house, etc.)

Addams Family--"All tribute to thee" Contest

This contest is for anything that doesn't fit in the above contests! Post anything and everything you are doing this Halloween as a tribute to the Addams Family! Any Addams Family-themed decorations, games, candies, parties, stories... Anything!
Addamses Contest RuleMust have to do with the Addams Family.
Addamses Contest RuleMultiple entries are welcome!

About Posting Contest Entries

Addamses Contest RuleALL ENTRIES MUST BE POSTED BY MIDNIGHT on the 5th OF NOVEMBER, 2007. Contest begins immediately--feel free to begin posting!
Addamses Contest RuleParticipants are welcome to enter as many or as few contests as they would like. If entering in multiple contests, entries may be posted together or separately.
Addamses Contest RulePlease write "contest entry" (or something similar) somewhere in your post or the subject line of your post. This is just for clarity sake--we don't want to accidentally overlook anyone! Please also specify which contest you are entering if it isn't obvious (for example, if you would like to enter a fanfiction in the #3 "All tribute to thee" contest).
Addamses Contest RuleIf you are not a member of the livejournal community, addamses you are still welcome to enter! Please include the name you would like to go by in your post. To post your entry, click on the following pencil icon: SUBMIT

About Voting

Addamses Contest RuleA compilation post of all contest entries will be posted shortly after the entry deadline. People will be able to vote by replying to the post with their choices (comments will probably only be visible to me, the moderator--if I can figure out how to do that ^_^)
All members of the livejournal community, addamses will be welcome to vote using their usernames. Non-members will only be able to vote if they have submitted an entry (please include the name you submitted your entry under when you vote!)

If anyone has any questions or problems with anything here, just leave a comment!

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