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Photo of John Astin on the set of Eerie, Indiana 
01:56am 21/11/2015
  Link opens at eerie_indiana
04:16pm 28/02/2014
  ...if y'all aren't doing Addams Family right now, what are you doing?

And if you just aren't doing Addams Family here, where are you doing it?

(Inquiring minds want to know.)
Noob *waves* 
04:03pm 27/02/2014
  So it looks like I'm late to the party - is anyone around still wanting to talk about wholesome, bomb-diggity Addams goodness?  
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A few icons...mostly Morticia & Gomez 
03:25pm 15/02/2012
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Think of Romeo and Juliet. They died! Oh, but what fun they had those last three days.Collapse )
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Ficlet. "Down Memory Lane" 
05:29am 04/02/2012
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Wednesday-centric. PG-13.
04:56am 04/06/2011

rest ( here ) @ faggotmakesicon
An Addams Family dance night in California 01-13-2011 
08:55am 28/12/2010
   Hello everyone there will be a free tribute night to all things Addams January 13th 2011. Here are more details. :)


Tonight The Room invites you to conquer your fears and join us as we present to you the creepy.. mysterious.. spooky.. and ooky.. world of the Addams Family!
Come join the family!

Dress up encouraged but not required!

Free Entry & free garage parking!
Bar & Smoking area.

Some of tonights music:

Gothic, Darkwave, Deathrock, Synthpop, Retro, 80s

Akshun Figuh & Evil Rey (Stockton)
Lucid Luminos (Modesto)
Miss Cookie Monster (Sacramento)

The Addams teach us to embrace the unknown.
To turn the fearful into fun! :)

Alternate RSVP:


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The Addams Family icons 
12:05pm 31/10/2010
  Hey there, Happy Halloween to everyone :D
for this occasion I made some Addams Family icons:

See them here @ golden_edge 
Hope you'll like
Tim Burton's Animated Addams Family Confirmed 
11:00am 27/06/2010
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Tim Burton's Animated Addams Family Confirmed

By Perri Nemiroff: 2010-06-26 16:44:47

Tim Burton's Animated Addams Family Confirmed Is Tim Burton making an animated version of The Addams Family or not? Back in March word got out that Burton had plans to go back to the Charles Addams’ New Yorker illustrations, the inspiration for the 1960’s TV show and the two Barry Sonnenfeld films, to create his own film about the family in 3D using stop-motion animation. The next day MTV got in touch with Burton’s reps who said, "There is no truth to the story. Tim has not lined up any of his upcoming projects." While that may have debunked the news for the time being, that second cryptic sentence certainly hinted at future potential and, sure enough, today Coming Soon is confirming that the project is a go.

While chatting about his upcoming film Despicable Me, producer Christopher Meledandri said The Addams Family is happening and that Burton is indeed attached. He also confirmed that Burton isn’t going the computer animation route and instead is sticking with stop motion animation as used on movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. There’s also a chance that the animated film will be released in black and white, however, no final decisions have been made on that matter. And, even with all of these details, Meledandri did emphasize that the film is only in the very early stages.

I felt Burton took things a step too far with Alice in Wonderland but there’s something about this project that hints it can be the right one for Burton. There’s no denying that stop-motion animation is mesmerizing and far more vivid than standard computer animation. Plus, opting to stick with Addams’ cartoons as source material will give Burton an adequate excuse to stay dark and, more importantly, would make his film something more original rather than just a remake or reboot of Sonnenfeld’s films. The whole black and white is pretty intriguing as well. It could distract from the animation technique, but it’s also something we’ve never seen in modern animated films.

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Addam’s Family Party 9 мая в Санкт-Петербурге! 
01:49pm 05/05/2010
  Dark Theatre_No и ССМ «Сумеречье» представляют

Addam’s Family Party

9 мая в 17.00 в клубе «Арктика» (Санкт-Петербург)

Кто из нас явно не восхищается или тайно не симпатизирует обаятельным героям культовой черной комедии «Addam’s Family»?
«Addam’s Family» – это целя эпоха, ибо неувядающая семейка, безусловно, симпатична и утонченному эстету, и интеллектуалу, и романтику, и любому герою dark-сообщества или «нормальному» фрику .
«Addam’s Family» – это стиль на грани фола, искрометный юмор с привкусом сарказма, любовь до гроба в самом прямом смысле и эксцентричность как норма жизни. Одним словом, «Addam’s Family» - это модно, актуально, изысканно.

Addam’s Family Party – стильное мероприятие нового формата, совмещающее в себе костюмированную вечеринку, концертную программу, тематический фестиваль и светский раут.
Аddam’s Family Party – это захватывающе, мероприятие с пометкой «must be»!
Дресс код - Аddam’s Family Style. Почувствуйте себя членом культовой семейки! Или станьте почетным гостем Адамсов!

В программе вечера:

• Конкурс креативного визажа и фейс-арта;
• Фаер-шоу;
• Перфомансы;
• Зажигательные танцевальные номера;
• Выставка работ финалистов фотоконкурса «Addam’s World» и торжественное вручение призов;
• Выступление финалистов театрально-поэтического конкурса «Аddam’s Family Values» и вручение приза победителю;

И, конечно же, конкурсы:
• I am Аddam’s – наиболее узнаваемое ВОССОЗДАНИЕ образа одного из Аддамсов;
• Аddam’s Style – наиболее оригинальный придуманный Вами образ Вами НОВОГО члена многочисленной семейки;
• Конкурс цитат («Семейка Аддамс», «Ценности семейки Аддамс»).

Также специально для вас:
• Весь вечер на большом экране фильм о семейке Аддамс non-stop;
• VIP-фотозона для гостей в костюмах;
• Выбор победителя make-up конкурса по версии зрителей.

     Post Opening Night Video! 
06:14pm 09/04/2010
mood: excited

I have been waiting ALL DAY!  FINALLY!
So much to see! ^_^ 
04:52pm 09/04/2010
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A lot of stuff on about The Addams Family! Not only the video that mrsxlovett just posted, but a review roundup from several newspapers (although they're mostly depressing... :( ), an interview with Nathan Lane and photo coverages from the Red Carpet, the opening night and the most gorgeous of all, the opening night curtain call.
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Broadway World Preview!!! 
10:20pm 08/04/2010

In case the video isn't showing up click here
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musical icons 
01:30pm 07/04/2010
30 - Hair
30 - The Addams Family musical
10 - A Little Night Music
10 - West Side Story
2 - Mandy Gonzalez in Wicked

HERE @ slur_a_plea 
Addams Family performs When You're an Addams on Letterman 
12:12am 07/04/2010
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08:14pm 06/04/2010
  These struck me as the sorts of toys Wednesday might own.
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Morticia Wallpaper 
03:43pm 06/04/2010
  Here's a simple wallpaper I made a couple of months ago, featuring different versions of Morticia. Daryl Hannah is not included mainly because I wasn't able to find a big enough picture of her as Morticia (and because deep down inside me, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of that movie).
So, enjoy! Comments are always nice. ^_^

Size: 1280x800. Click to enlarge.
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Scans from the Playbill 
09:34am 04/04/2010
  Not all of these are from the same playbill.  I went through all of mine and scanned all things Addams.  If anyone is interested I still have a couple extras I'd be willing to sell. 

Death is just around the corner...Collapse )
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My Thoughts on the Musical 
09:43pm 03/04/2010
  There seemed to be some interest in hearing how the show is now.  I just got home from New York and I saw the show twice while I was there.  So I thought I would post my experience and thoughts.  I wrote a huge entry in my person journal about my whole trip if you want to know more. 

When I give my opinion about the show I have to admit I feel that my opinion is extremely bias because of how much I love the source material (but luckily here I am in good company) and I am a theatre person who is obsessed with musicals so it was kind of the perfect combo to me.  After Chicago I was really worried the show wasn't going to come together and that it would just remain a big hot mess.  I definitely think the show has come together and made A LOT of changes. 

After the first time I saw it I felt like Jerry Zaks had hurt the show more than helped it.  I thought the show had lost a lot of its gothic feel that I had really enjoyed but the more I thought about it and after the second viewing my opinion changed.  The theme is now at the top of the overture and in the curtain call and no where else which is fitting but I do miss the family being there and doing the snaps. Originally Lippa wasn't going to have the theme in the score at all I so just thank god he wised the the hell up and put it in somewhere.  When I first heard When You're an Addams  I have to admit I REALLY REALLY hated it.  I thought it was way too perky and up beat (and sounded a little too much like the Sex in the City theme) and didn't fit with the family at all.  I thought Clandango did a lovely job of setting up the tone and depicting the focus on Wednesday. After SEEING When You're Addams I liked it more especially after the second show.  My only qualm really is that I feel like it needs to have a more dark feel to it to properly set it up.  I also still feel it doesn't set up the Wednesday story line quite well it still feels like big opening number lots of fun and dance and then oh by the way Wednesday is in love with a boy from Ohio.  They have made great changes with the ensemble.  Instead of making them all look like they are from the same period (like the chorus from Les Miz I think one reviewer said) they are clad in all white with pale skin to look like ghosts and are all in different periods...there's a caveman, a bride, a saloon girl, a get the idea.  Instead of letting them return to the crypt after the waking them for the opening number Fester tells them they cannot leave "until love truimphs" and so they have a bit more purpose and make a bit more sense which was great.  After Morticia overhears Wednesday and Lucas talking and begins to feel paranoid about her age and rejects her nightly "Trip to Heaven" Gomez has a new song called Morticia lamenting he is at a loss as to how to help her.  Its a good song as well.  I have to admit I HATED Nathan Lane's performance based on the Chicago stuff, but he is definitely pulling it together. 
I feel Act I is pretty close to rock solid.  Act II was interesting.  This is where cutting down the Beineke's really happens.  The first number is called Just Around the Corner which replaces the train wreck that was Second Banana.  The song finds Morticia cheering herself up by remembering her death is Just Around the Corner.  The song is absolutely fabulous and definitely one of my favorite moments in the show.  They scrapped the scene where Gomez and Alice tango and so needless to say the sword fight is gone (which I miss but it did need to go) and now they simply have a tango number.  The last bit of Act II is mostly Morticia and Gomez making up and Alice and Mal rekindling their passion.  The more I think about it the more I think the show really has improved.  There were a couple minor changes between the two performances I saw.  Bebe boots are gone and now she has these really awesome things that look like black stockings with heels...I like them a lot better than her boots. 
I don't think its going to sweep the Tonys by any means, but it is what it is and I absolutely LOVE it.  So there you have it.  That is my opinion.  I'll post scans of those in another post.  If you have any specific questions I would love to answer those as well.  The cut below is a couple of stage door photos I got and a good shot of the theatre...

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Article about the musical, LA Times 
10:07pm 03/04/2010
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'The Addams Family' had a rough move-in

A stage musical about the macabre family was meant to move beyond expectations. But pop culture is mighty powerful.

Reporting from Chicago - The Arts Club in Chicago is a tony member's eatery favored by architects and artists, featuring a steel staircase designed by Mies van der Rohe and a permanent collection of works by Alexander Calder, Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso.

It was no coincidence that Stuart Oken, the Chicago-based producer of "The Addams Family: A New Musical," chose it as the locale to reveal his new Broadway show to the world.

On that bright Chicago morning last May, Oken's message was clear. This was not to be another by-the-numbers, screen-to-stage exploitation. This was no "Legally Blonde," no "9 to 5: The Musical."

Oken's "Addams Family" would be an arty, serious, $17-million endeavor put together by an eclectic and unconventional team of artists. It would not be based on the beloved 1960s ABC-TV show or the 1990s movies starring Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston. Instead, it would be drawn from the pure, sweetly minimalist Charles Addams cartoons, shaped into an original but respectful book wherein Wednesday Addams, now 18, would fall in love and her boyfriend's normal family would come to the topsy-turvy Addams mansion for dinner.

But as things turned out during a tempestuous trial run in Chicago, Oken's desire to develop a progessive and original musical and protect it during its delicate incubation period ran right into the conventional clatter and chatter of modern Broadway. As painful as the process was for Oken -- a passionate, intense and serious-minded producer -- he had to realize that "The Addams Family" came with some built-in traps.

It wasn't possible to persuade audiences, who thought they knew Gomez and Morticia from film and TV, to turn back the clock to the original cartoons. And given the high-profile title, it proved equally unrealistic to expect to be left alone in Chicago to experiment.

As "The Addams Family" prepares to open on Broadway on Thursday after hefty changes in book, score and directorial style, the remaining question is whether the current creative team has found a sweet spot somewhere between the arty complexity that Oken first wanted and, well, "Da-Da-Da-dah -- (Snap! Snap!)"

In Chicago, tumult surrounded the show. New York columnists and reporters jetted into town to report on the show's mixed Chicago reviews and to wonder whether Nathan Lane, the star of the show, was happy with his part as Gomez. What about Bebe Neuwirth, who plays Morticia -- was she dissatisfied? And was it really a good idea to base this show on the cartoons and not the TV show?

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