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Heya, someone pointed out this community to me after I placed this fic on Figured I'd share it here as well.

Title: I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
Author: slashydutchie 
Fandom: The Addams Family
Pairing/Character: Morticia/Gomez
Rating: FRT
Prompt: dancing
Kink: barely touching erogenous zones, teasing
Disclaimer: Don't own them... will put them back when I'm finished. Promise. Lyrics from Evita, obviously, which I don't own either or various people in the Dutch version would've been fired by now.
A/N: Originally written for round 7 of rounds_of_kink 

It was a sunny day. Birds were singing - not the vultures and crows, but the small colourful things - and there were roses on the thorns.

Yes, it was just one of those inside days.

Morticia and Gomez had been moving stuff around in the attic to make room for some extra relatives coming over, when a sudden power surge - quite possible caused by Fester's latest acquisition in electro-torture equipment - had turned on an old black and white - but who needed all those extra colours anyway? - TV. Amazingly enough, it found a signal and soon the room was filled with the sound of people singing for a new Argentina.

Never one to ignore a possible civil uprising, Gomez immediately sat down in front of it. His wife rolled her eyes, but allowed his childlike enthusiasm to sway her. There was a rather disappointing lack of blood - it would appear that this was the kind of rebellion where only one man got beat up, which was something new and therefore remotely interesting - and everyone kept bursting into song at rather strange times. Quite possibly there was some kind of curse causing this.

Only, the singing...

The woman with the strange white/blondish hair - a witch, possibly, but a relatively pretty one - was making Morticia's toes uncurl. This was a bit of a pain, since she'd spent the better part of her morning ritual getting them like that. The guy who never got noticed except by the people beating him up, however, remedied the situation. His voice was quite to her liking and she actually took to humming along with his parts.

"Cara mia..." came the deep voice of Gomez beside her. "Are you humming with a Spanish accent?"

She didn't get time to answer. In less time than the average human takes to blink, Gomez had his wife on her feet and was tangoing her around the narrow space, simultaneously attempting to kiss all the way down her arm. Which, by some defiance of nature's laws - but what else was new in the Addams household? - worked.

"Prrr..." Morticia grinned, letting her hand travel over her husband's hip.

"Woof," Gomez replied, letting his lips ghost over hers, but never quite touching.

The music changed and the couple promptly switched to a waltz, fingers teasing over sensitive spots as the position of their hands changed.

They kept moving like this for as long as the song permitted them, but again the music changed. Slower, this time.

Now the enchantmant of their dance was temporarily broken, the horrid voice of the woman, who was apparently important for some reason, came to their ears once again.

"Oh what I'd give for a hundred years
But the physical interferes
Every day more, O my Creator
What is the good of the strongest heart
In a body that's falling apart?
A serious flaw, I hope You know that."

Gomez looked at Morticia and shrugged. The obvious solution would be to pick up the pieces and put them back together, possibly using some stitches. Then he noticed her smile.

"Your physical is interfering as well, mon sauvage," she said in her special tone of voice, the one that was known to make her husband crazy.

"Eres divina."
"My ecstasy."

And with Eva Peron slowly dying in the background - for what could be more romantic?  - Morticia and Gomez made sure the attic wouldn't be cleaned up for a very long time.
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