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Addams Family Beginning

Rating: PG- 13

Plot: I am justinne. And I admit it. I am addicted so to Anjelica Huston and Morticia Addams since last year. And that addiction caused me to write various stories with Anjelica’s character names and also her own name as the main characters. One them is Addams Family Beginning, which I am letting you to read.


        The Addams family. Ever since, the Addamses are together… but one time, an intruder entered their family. They never thought that they of almost lost one of the most important members and person of the family… Morticia Frump Addams.

Morticia woke up early. So early that Thing is not even awake. Instead of returning back to sleep, Morticia just lay upright on the bed letting the time go by and waiting for Gomez to be awake.


            After a few moments, Gomez is still not awake so Morticia decided to go down the stairs to make herself a tea. While putting on her robe, she snuck a look at Gomez. Then suddenly, a thought brush over her.


            What if I don’t have Gomez in my life?


            But she put aside the thought and proceeded downstairs. As she passed the grandfather’s clock, Morticia noticed the time – 6:30 am.


            No wonder everyone is still asleep, she thought.


            After she poured tea in her teacup, Morticia went back upstairs to her bedroom. Morticia is half expecting that Gomez is now awake. However, she knew better. Therefore, when she opened their bedroom door, it did not surprise her that her beloved husband is still sleeping peacefully.


            Morticia, not trying hard to move quietly, settled to a wicker chair by the window. She is just staring outside and sipping her tea little by little.


            Even in her deepest thoughts, Morticia is still aware in her surroundings; therefore, she can feel Gomez creeping slowly to her back. She knew exactly what Gomez is going to do. So, she just kept on staring outside, not moving.


            Gomez, on the other hand, is easily teased on the way Morticia is poised. Her back is so curved forward that you can trace a capital ‘S’ on it. Every time Gomez sees Morticia like that, he quivers inside, making him want to kiss his wife.


            He really tries hard to be quiet, but Gomez knew that his Morticia can sense him all right. When he is one foot away from Morticia, Gomez leaned forward to kiss Morticia’s most ticklish part of her body – her pale neck.


            Every thing happened so fast. Gomez kissed Morticia’s neck very quickly that made Morticia startled and she started to fall from her chair. With a flourish move of Gomez, Morticia landed on his arms with her own arms around Gomez’s neck.


            The kiss on the neck really startled Morticia. It is true that she can sense every thing around her, but she got surprised because after all those years she got married to Gomez, it is the first time Gomez kissed her neck. Morticia knew that Gomez knows that she is very ticklish in that part.


            Still on the smiling slyly Gomez’s arms, she stared at him.


            “Why did you kissed me there?” asked Morticia. “You know I get tickled easily on that part. And this is the first time since we married each other that you’ve done that… or have you forgotten that?”


            “Cara Mia,” replied Gomez still smiling. “Of course I know that. I just wanted to try something new. And I just wanted to hold you this way.”


            Morticia laughed teasingly. “Mon Cher, why didn’t you just say so? Even without kissing me on the neck, you can still hold me this way.”


            “I am sorry my dearest,” said Gomez wearing a hurt puppy look. “I won’t do it again.”


            “Don’t apologize Gomez dear. I do not really hate it any way,” Morticia said feeling the support of Gomez on her slender body. Then she smiled at Gomez taking away his hurt puppy look and said “Mon Cher.”


            “Cara Mia,” Gomez replied smiling also. Then slowly, he inched closer to Morticia. Their lips met. They kissed as if they are hungry for each other.



            “Is it morning again?” whined Wednesday as she woke up. Still sleepy, she went to the bathroom to do her morning shower. “I hope Father will not make me take care for Pubert tonight.”


            Unlike her mother, Wednesday is not a morning person. She prefers to sleep until breakfast than to wake up early, have a tea and stare outside. However, even thought she loves to sleep, she is like Morticia. When they wake up, they are in a very good mood.


            After she dried off, Wednesday used her robe like Morticia’s to cover her pale body then she proceeded to her room to change.


            After Wednesday put on one of her elegant black dress, she went downstairs to join the other members of the family for breakfast.


            As she walk into the kitchen, Wednesday saw her father smiling at her… and she knew exactly why. It is because Gomez says that Wednesday looks and acts like Morticia even though Wednesday never sees herself beautiful, how much more as beautiful as Morticia?


            Wednesday parted her lips for a smile but not quite.


            She slid to the chair next to Morticia’s chair then Wednesday looked around the table. She noticed that her brothers, Pugsley and Pubert were not with them. Wednesday knew why Pugsley is missing; it is because he is supposed to steal the stop sign on the main road. However, Wednesday is puzzled why Pubert is missing… so is Morticia.


            “Wednesday, do you know where Pubert is?” asked Morticia.


            “I would also like to ask you that, Mother. And no, I haven’t seen him,” replied Wednesday.


            Minutes later, as Fester, who is married to Dementia, is telling them that the hunting the night ago was not good, Pugsley AND Pubert entered that kitchen. Pugsley is holding a traffic light while Pubert is holding a stop sign.


            The sight surprised Morticia, Gomez, and Wednesday. First, Pubert is with Pugsley. Second, there was the traffic light. Before anyone can say anything, the air filled with tremendous crash – it was the cars on the road! Morticia’s and Gomez’s thoughts flew out the window when they heard the immense sound. Gomez was so happy that he cartwheeled around the room to his two sons. When he reached the boys, Gomez hugged them tight. Morticia on the other hand kept her poise, stood up carefully, and walked to her sons.


            “That is magnificent!” Morticia said. “Now boys, I want you two to do that again. Understand? It is your ritual. Now go on, play with your breakfast.”


            “Fester,” called Gomez as the children walk to the table. “Are you and Dementia going anywhere tonight?”


            “Well,” started Fester. “We are going to hunt again tonight –,”


            “Can you cancel it?” asked Gomez.


            “Why should they cancel it Gomez?” asked Morticia who is listening to them.


            “Well, I am planning to take you away tonight, Tish” replied Gomez


            “Oh, I understand, but there is Pubert. He has to be –,” the finger of Gomez on her lips cut off Morticia.


            “That is why I am asking Fester and Dementia –,” Morticia interrupted Gomez.


            “No Gomez. They are not Nanny. And besides, I enjoy letting Pubert sleep,” she said.


            “But it is me who does not enjoy not being able to go out with you,” countered Gomez but not too forceful.


            “But what about our little Pubert?” asked Morticia.


            “What about Wednesday, Tish?” suggested Gomez.


            Morticia laughed softly. “Gomez Addams. Where did you that idea? Absolutely not. Wednesday loathe you. Perhaps I will put Pubert to sleep first then we’d go out?”


            “As long as we will go out,” replied Gomez.


            “Of course, Dear,” said Morticia as she watched Gomez head to the pavilion. Then she made herself another cup of tea and went upstairs to their room.

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